Give Away Our FREE Magnetic Menus and
 Start Your Own LOCAL Advertising Business...

...Without Cold-Calling or High Pressure Tactics...

...In 48 Hours or Less!

What if you could wake up tomorrow and do exactly what YOU want, instead of working for someone else.


  • Working the hours & days YOU choose.
  • Earning "OBSCENE" profits of 60% (or more).
  • Making full-time income for part-time effort.
  • Building a local, reputable, scalable business.
  • Helping restaurants and local businesses increase sales.
  • Expanding to help others and growing your business.

If these ideas appeal to you, stick around. I'll teach you how to accomplish all these and more.

Our Business Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Give away 1,000 FREE Magnetic Menus to a local restaurant.
  2. Find 10 businesses to advertise.
  3. Put $1,850 to $2,300  in your pocket!

Simple, Easy, Profitable!


If you're going to sell, you may as well make "OBSCENE" profits...

Back in 1991 I got my first advertising job as a rep for a well-known national company. They trained me well and sent me out on my first project.

I did GREAT! Sold over $8,000 in ads in less than a week - I was excited. Until... I got my commission check.

I earned a little over $1,100 in commission or just under 15%. Yep, I did most of the work and the company kept most of the money.

If you're like me, you have experienced this or something similar.

I decided right then - If I'm going to sell, I'm going to earn BIG profits.

If you're tired of working your butt off and someone else keeping most of the revenue, then stick with me, you're going to LOVE what I have to share!

disclaimer - I don’t know how much you’ll make! Each distributor is an independent business owner and has complete control over sales prices, discounts, timelines, etc. We are your vendor and support. You only pay us to publish your Magnets.

With Our Training You Will Learn Exactly:

How to earn over 60% Profit.

Most sales jobs pay 25% to 35% commission if you're lucky. I'll show you how to easily double that.

How to sell without cold-calling.

Our business is designed to have you ONLY calling on businesses that are referred to you by the restaurant owner.

How to avoid high-pressure closing.

Because of our referral system, you NEVER have to cover objections or "sell" anyone on participating.

How to expand quickly by adding sales reps.

Complete step-by-step guide to hiring, training, and compensating sales reps.

Why Should You Consider Ad Sales?

Obviously the profits are terrific, but there are other reasons to consider as well:

  • Scalable - No other business as easy to expand.
  • NO deadlines like periodicals or other publications.
  • INSTANT referrals from the restaurant owner.
  • NO product rejection - everyone LOVES these Magnets.
  • Full-time or part-time. Make your own schedule.
  • Build a local, reputable business right in your own area.

And, even more, it's FUN!

What Others Are Saying About Magnetic Menus:

“Pick up a check after a two minute presentation...”


How refreshing to be able to go out, talk to small business owners, that have been referred by their friends and associates, and pick up a check after a two minute presentation. You were right, this is not sales, you simply get great referrals, and ask the advertisers if they want to participate, and sign them up.All the best

Richard - North Carolina

“I can’t believe I was able to make the $$$ I did”


Hi Tony, I wanted to share my experience. I started the restaurant process on a Wednesday and had the ads sold by Friday morning. I can’t believe I was able to make the $$$ I did in so little time (about 10 hours total!). Thanks so much for such a wonderful product and fun selling experience!

Toni - Ohio

“You really don’t sell it – it sells itself...”


I have been in sales 37 yrs and this product is so easy to sell that you really don’t sell it – it sells itself- my 1st eight sales were all in a row from leads I got at the restaurant.

Tom - Wisconsin

“In 15 minutes I set up the restaurant, got 15 referrals and sold an ad”


Dear Tony, I just wanted to share my first experience with you. Not only was it incredibly easy to get 15 referrals from the restaurant owner, while I was still writing them down a business owner came in the restaurant. The owner introduced us and he bought an ad on the spot.In 15 minutes I set up the restaurant, got 15 referrals and sold an ad. I’ve never seen a business this easy. Thanks again!!!

Annette - Georgia

Comprehensive Video Training

You won't just get theory with your Magnetic Menus Distributorship, you'll get the full package!


Video Module 1 of the course gives you the overview of WHY the business works along with how. Different layout designs to accommodate different numbers of ads. Fulfillment costs & profit margins. And, how to get started FAST - in as little as 48 hours.


Video Module 2  is all about the restaurants. Which ones to work with (and which ones not to). How to approach them. The exact scripts we use. And, exactly how to get 12 to 15 referrals from the restaurant owner (without "asking" for referrals).


Video Module 3 is all about getting advertisers. How to approach them, especially referrals. The 23 categories that are the hottest buyers. Our scripts for advertisers. How to write ad copy (it's really easy).


Video Module 4 is getting your Magnetic Menus published. Having us do all the fulfillment. Doing the design yourself with common software. Lead times & proofing. 


Video Module 5 is how to scale your Magnetic Menus business. Learning to teach. Ads we've used for reps. Best practices in hiring. Roles & compensation. 

Tony Norris // Founder, Magnetic Menus Creator, Your Teacher & Coach.

Since 1991 I've been selling ads inside restaurants. I'm happy to now extend to you an invitation to learn the practices, activities, scripts, tips & insider secrets to publishing your own Magnetic Menus.

Nothing is held back - everything is included in the course - including personal support and coaching from me.

I can tell you that this is the easiest, simplest, highest profit margin product I've ever sold.

Tony Norris

You're Invited To Join Our Happy Distributors

“Easy, FUN, and profitable...”


This business is easy, FUN, and profitable. I have not had a business tell me that this was a bad idea. They all see the exposure we give their business as a great benifit and the low price as a great opportunity.

I am enjoying getting out every day and showing off a fantastic product!

Brian - Missouri



Unbelievable! “I started this program last week and signed up 2 restaurants the first day (Thursday). On Friday I started working referrals from one of the restaurants, a BBQ restaurant.

Net results, sold 5 spots total in the 4 calls.” (John sold 20 ads his first 6 days!)

John - Louisiana

“This has been quite easy for me”


Thank you!!!
I had fun doing my first project,and I think I spent a total of 20 hrs maybe? I closed 90% of who I called on. Really, I had no challenges with the sales .
This has been quite easy for me.
Thanks, for your support.

Melissa - Virginia

Complete Distributor Package

What You'll Get:

  • Real magnet samples from real restaurants.
  • Continual coaching and support.
  • Simple, effective ad copy.
  • Which restaurants to work with.
  • Easy way to get referrals.
  • Getting advertisers.
  • Proven scripts for signing up advertisers.
  • 23 most common categories of advertisers.
  • How to scale by hiring salespeople.

All In Easy-To-Follow Video Lessons!

All for Just $97

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the Magnets?

Do I need sales experience?

Is this a 1099/rep position?

What happens when the restaurant runs out of magnets?

What is the average time to sell out a project?

 Can I hire others and expand my business?

What if I don't know anything about advertising or ad writing?

Are there any additional costs or materials needed?

disclaimer - I don’t know how much you’ll make! Each distributor is an independent business owner and has complete control over sales prices, discounts, timelines, etc. We are your vendor and support. You only pay us to publish your Magnets.

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