About Us

What makes us unique...

Our company is specifically geared to help salespeople avoid all the "grunt" work that's usually associated with ad sales.

YOU get to spend all your time where it's most productive - face-to-face with a prospect. We take care of everything else from design and layout, to proofing, to publishing and shipping.

If you've worked for other specialty ad companies before, you probably know how unproductive chasing proofs, etc can be. Once you become a Magnetic Menus Distributor, you'll leave all that behind - along with the aggravation.

How we started

In 2011 I figured out that there's NO BETTER PLACEMENT for an ad or a take-out menu than the refrigerator or filing cabinet of a prospect/customer.

We designed the first prototype and signed up the first restaurant we approached. It sold out in a matter of hours, with an "obscene" profit margin. We've been publishing them since.

Magnetic Menus/Impact Media

102 S. Court St., Suite 308

Florence, AL 35630

Got Questions???

Get in touch with us and we'll be glad to answer them.