Magnetic Menus

Course Overview

Lesson 2

My Goal

Transfer My Systems to You...

  • Without asking anything of you (except your attention).
  • Without teaching you any new skills.
  • Without any expectations of your goals or results.

I’m Tony Norris...

  • First ad sales job in 1991.
  • Selling ads inside restaurants since 1993.
  • Magnetic Menus since 2011.
  • I’m a Bit Lazy! I find easy ways to do things.
  • You get to benefit from my character flaws!

In Less Than an Hour

You’ll know EXACTLY How to:

  • Start & build a lucrative, local business.
  • Pick restaurants.
  • Get advertisers without “selling”.
  • Publish your products with our “hands-off” system. 
  • Do it all with NO new skills or knowledge whatsoever.

The Simple System

You’ll publish beautiful, full-color refrigerator magnets.

You’ll give them away FREE of charge to restaurants and then sell ads to local businesses.

About the Magnets

  • 5.5”x8.5”
  • Full magnetic backing.
  • Heavy 17 pt. stock.
  • Custom Menu & Ads.
  • 1,000 FREE to the restaurant.

Why Restaurants?

  • Neighborhood Business 
  • Disposable Income
  • Great Referrals
  • Zero Distribution Cost Mutual Benefit

Why Magnets?

  • Everybody LOVES Magnets!
  • Permanent - Lasts for Years.
  • In View 24/7/365.
  • NOT Paper
  • Utility

Business Model

  • Restaurants receive 1,000 magnets FREE of charge to give away to their customers.
  • Each Magnet features 10 local business ads.
  • Each business pays $299 to be on 1,000 magnets.
  • You earn either a commission or a profit on sales.

Obligatory disclaimer - I don’t know how much you’ll make! Each distributor is an independent business owner and has complete control over sales prices, discounts, timelines, etc. We are your vendor and support. You only pay us to publish your Magnets.

TERRIFIC Deal for the Advertiser

  • Pay once - get exposure for years.
  • Less than $.30 per household - that’s less than the price of a postage stamp.
  • Thousands of exposures - everyone in the household sees the refrigerator many times per day for years and years.
  • Exclusivity - Only 1 advertiser per category.

Only 3 Moving Parts

  1. Getting a Restaurant. You
  2. Selling Some Ads. You
  3. Publishing Your Magnet. Us