Magnetic Menus

Getting a Restaurant to Give Away the Magnets

Lesson 3

Getting a Restaurant

Which Restaurants?

Do They Do Take-Out? Local or Chain?

Start with a restaurant you patronize and maybe even know the owner.

Approaching Restaurants

Here’s how I set up a restaurant:

I approach whoever is the first person that greets me and tell them why I’m there. I’m not worried about getting to the decision maker just yet. I’d rather have someone on my side that loves the magnets before I even talk with the owner. Also, I ALWAYS carry a sample magnet in with me so they can see how beautiful they are. This is generally what I say -

Hi, we give away magnetic take out menus like this one to restaurants like yours. There’s absolutely no cost whatsoever to you because they are sponsored by a few local businesses. Who would I speak with to see of you’d like these for your restaurant? Great, is (_________) in?

Hi (_______) as I was telling your cashier, we provide 1,000, full color take out magnetic menus like this one to you at no cost whatsoever. We let local businesses sponsor the magnets so we can provide them to you free of charge.

We can customize it with your logo along with any other information you’d like. All we ask is that you distribute all of them to your best customers so the sponsors can get good value. Is that fair with you?


Once they agree to give out the magnets, this is the conversation I have to get referrals:

Great, now obviously we wouldn’t put any other restaurant on the magnets, that wouldn’t be fair to you, but we also make sure they are what I call “kid friendly”. That is we don’t promote any business that ALL your customers wouldn’t be comfortable with. No adult themed businesses, bail bonds, tobacco outlets, liquor stores, etc.

Is there anyone else in particular that you wouldn’t want to see on the Magnet?

Great, now let’s talk about who you would like to see. Who do you bank with? Insurance? Pest control? Realtor? Car dealer? Auto repair? Tire dealer? Jeweler?

Get plenty of referrals from the restaurant owner as well as advertisers and you will

NEVER have to make a cold call.

The location agreement doubles as a memory jogger. Just ask the restaurant owner who they want to see on the magnet and mention the business categories listed to jog their memory.

“Who do you bank with? where do you buy cars, who does your pest control? Who handles your insurance? etc.