Magnetic Menus

Getting the Advertisers

Lesson 4

Getting Advertisers

Referrals, referrals, referrals.

20% vs. 80%

To sell 10 ads ->

Talk to 12-15 referrals OR Talk to 50-60 cold calls?

Referrals are the key to getting your projects done in 2 days instead of 5 or 6.

It’s $$$ per hour, NOT $$$ per ad, project or restaurant...

Approaching Advertisers

Once you have your referrals, you can just approach them like I do:

Hi (______________) I’m working with the folks over at (name of restaurant) and we’re going to be delivering to them 1,000 take out magnetic menus, like this one, in a few of weeks. As you can see, we have a few spaces available to promote local businesses. It’s only $299 and that’s to be on all 1,000 magnets. I was just curious if you’d like to be included?

Here, (hand them the sample magnet so they can see actual ads) you can take a look at this and see some of the work we’ve done for others.

Now they might ask questions like “will I be the only body shop?” or “do I have to pay it all at once?” That’s great because those are buying questions and it opens up the dialogue so you aren’t just “pitching” to them without their input.

This is my preferred method, but make sure you use your own style and personality.


Business Categories

There are certain business categories that are prime prospects for advertising on the magnets. Through our experience, we have found that the top prospects are:

  • Insurance
  • Real Estate/Home Building
  • Retail/Boutique
  • Auto Painting/Body 
  • Auto/Boat Dealers
  • Banks
  • Pawn/Jewelry
  • Food/Wine
  • Funeral Homes 
  • Trucking/Farm Supply
  • Nursery/Farm/Lawn/Contractors
  • Medical/Chiropractor/Dental/Vet 
  • Auto Repair/Quick Lube
  • Accounting/Tax/Financial Planning
  • Tires Dealers
  • Hardware/Building Supply Furniture/Appliances
  • Heating/AC Flooring

More Referrals

The key to doing the most business in the shortest amount of time is the successful use of referrals.

Obviously you want to get referrals from the restaurant owner, but you can also get them from the advertisers. After you’ve written up the ad and collected payment, just say to them:

“I really appreciate the business. By the way, who else do you know that might like to have an ad on the magnets?”

After they give you a name, say “great, who else?” and keep saying that until they can’t think of anyone else.

Writing the Ad

Simple is almost always better when it comes to ad writing. The basic formula is this:

  1. Business card information - location and phone number.
  2. Logo - usually from business card, previous ad or letterhead.
  3. Ad Copy - a line or 2 stating the most important things they want prospects to know about their business.

Tips: - Things like business hours are unnecessary unless they are unusual. If a retail store is open from 10 until 5, everyone already knows that. That’s when all retail stores are open so don’t waste ad space mentioning it. However, if they are open 24 hrs. or until 9 pm on weekends, that’s out of the ordinary and may be worth mentioning. The point is - don’t waste ad space telling the obvious.