Magnetic Menus

Publishing Your Project – FAQs

Lesson 5

Publishing Your Magnet

This is where we come in! We do it all...

  • Ad design.
  • Layout.
  • Proofing.
  • Printing/Manufacturing.
  • Shipping. (to either you or the restaurant).

You just do what you do best, be face-to-face with your prospects!

Publishing Timeline

  1. Day 0 - We receive your ad copy and location agreement via email.
  2. Day 2-3 - You receive a “first draft” proof of the entire Magnet with all the ads and menu. You give us the OK to proof it to the advertisers.
  3. Day 4-8 - The advertisers have a chance to make any corrections/changes to their ad.
  4. Day 8 - The final layout is sent to print.
  5. Day 13 - Magnets are shipped.
  6. Day 17-18 - Magnets are in the restaurant.

Obviously, these times vary depending on changes, revisions, etc.

?? Questions... ??

Q. Do I always have to sell 10 ads.
A. No, but 10 should be the target. We will publish menus with any number of ads, so as long as the baseline of gross sales is met.

Q. Do we always give out 1,000?
A. No, but it’s the most popular quantity. You can publish 500 and sell the ads for less if you’re working a small neighborhood or small restaurant.

Q. What is the average time to sell out a project?
A. 3-4 days is average. 2-3 is optimal. I suggest never taking over 5 working days. Take what you have at the end of the week and move on. The fastest I’ve ever done 1 is a few hours!

Q. What if the restaurant has a large menu that won’t fit on our take out magnet?
A. In that case the restaurant owner should select JUST the items he wants on the magnet. All restaurant owners know what their best selling take out items are. Also, you can automatically eliminate drinks and other items that everyone already knows they have.

Q. Do you ever call on “chain” restaurants?
A. We have a few menus in some very popular chains, but we suggest that dealing with “mom & pops” is easier and more profitable in the long run.

Q. Can I hire others and expand my business?
A. YES, in fact we encourage it. Once you’re a distributor, you run the business the way you see fit. If building a team is part of your vision, all the better!

Q. How much does your best rep make? A. A lot!

Q. How much does your average rep make? A. Not as much.

Earnings disclaimer: Earnings are determined by the simple formula “ability x effort = earnings”.
There is no way to measure your effort or ability in relation to others so only you can determine your income and, by the way, that’s the way it should be. We have folks with great ability that earn a lot by little effort. We also have folks that earn big with a lot of effort, even though the don’t possess great talent. If you have a high aptitude AND you put forth great effort, you COULD easily be in the six-figure club.