Are You a “Tree Climber”?

“Low hanging fruit” is a very over-used metaphor in sales and marketing. However, I’d like to explain my work habits using the “low hanging fruit” model.

First, I’m NOT a fan of “low hanging fruit”. Even that is too much of an effort for someone as lazy as I am. I’m really a fan of “fruit on the ground”, the over-ripe fruit. All you have to do is pick it up and enjoy it. Let me explain…

In any neighborhood that you’re doing a project there are usually 8-12 business owners who, when presented with your offer, will just ask a couple of questions and write you a check. These are the folks I’m looking for. Using the fruit tree model, these people are not up in the tree, they’re “over-ripe” and laying around for anyone to bend over and pick them up. I spend my time looking for these people AND THESE PEOPLE ONLY.

Every minute you spend with someone who is going to take more than a few minutes to make a decision is time you won’t have to find the “over-ripe” prospects.

Many people have asked me how I handle objections. OK, I’ll give up my secret. Here are some common objections and my response to them.

Objection: I need to think about it, ask my wife, ask my partner, etc.

My Response: I go find someone who can make their own decision now.

Objection: The price is too high.

My Response: I go find someone who thinks the price is fair.

Objection: I’d rather be in _________ restaurant.

My Response: I go find someone who wants to be in the restaurant I’m selling now.

Objection: I’ve spent my ad budget for the year.

My Response: I go find someone who has $299 they can spend.

I could go on, but I think you get it by now. When you spend time trying to accommodate your prospects and their silly objections and requirements, you just take away from the valuable time you need to find the “over-ripe” fruit laying under every tree.

Yes! I mean SILLY objections. Not silly because they’re not real to your prospect. Some guys really can’t spend $299 without their wife’s permission (and vice versa). But silly in the sense that his inability to make a decision should not become YOUR problem. You have enough problems of your own without taking on the issues of every prospect you run into that’s in a unique situation.

Your mission should be to complete each project in the shortest time frame possible. This is only accomplished by finding business owners who are willing to do business on your terms instead to making you submit to theirs.

Full disclosure – sometimes I have to shake the tree a little. After a day, at the most 2 days, if I don’t have the number of sales I’d like, I will shake the tree a little. Here’s how I do it.

Over a couple of days of prospecting I will collect a few “no’s” along the way. When I’m ready to close out a project I call the no’s on the phone and say something like this:

Hi, this is Tony. I was by yesterday and spoke with you about the magnets were putting giving out over at _____________ restaurant. 

I’ve got a space left I need to fill to close it out. I know you liked the idea of being on there so I was wondering – If you’ll take it for just $250 the only thing I ask is don’t tell anybody else what you paid for it. (this reinforces that it’s a great deal) Is that fair with you?

By doing this I invariably pickup a couple of sales that I would have missed otherwise. Don’t be afraid to go back to your “no’s” and offer them a better deal once you get ready to close out your project. It’s FREE money at this point anyway. Just “shake the tree” a little and some of that fruit will hit you on the head!

OK, I think I’ve worn out the metaphor but I hope you get something from this. The next time someone asks you to accommodate their terms, please remember that if you do, you’re “climbing the tree”.

So, climb the tree if you like. When you’re finished come join me. I’ll be over in the shade enjoying the “fruits” of my efforts 🙂

Happy selling…